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Diagnostic nasal endoscopy provides a safe and quick evaluation of the nasal passages using a nasal endoscope, a fiber-optic instrument used for examining the nasal cavity. The endoscope is slender, only 2.7-4.0 mm in diameter, and is passed easily through the nostril to allow a detailed examination of the nasal cavity and the sinuses. Dr. Zadeh may look directly through the endoscope or alternatively, a medical video camera can be attached to the endoscope, and the images may be viewed on a special video monitor. The patient may choose to view the images from his or her own examination.


  • Nasal endoscopy provides for direct observation of the nasal passages, sinuses and other surrounding structures.
  • Nasal endoscopy is used to help diagnose nasal polyps, nasal blockage, nasal tumors, recurrent sinusitis or chronic sinusitis.


  • The patient sits in a comfortable chair.
  • A topical nasal decongestant and numbing medicine may be applied to the lining of the nose by a nasal spray prior to endoscopy. The examination is easily tolerated and often can be completed without any numbing medicines at all.

Test Procedure

  • Dr. Zadeh threads the endoscope into each nostril and through the nasal cavity.
  • Dr. Zadeh will examine the internal structures of the nose as the endoscope is maneuvered easily through the nasal passages.

After the test

  • Once the endoscope is removed, the patient may immediately return to normal activities.
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