Hearing & Balance


Accurate assessment of hearing (Audiometry) is vital to the evaluation of patients with suspected hearing loss or other otologic diseases. Audiometry often determines the source of the underlying problem.

Dizziness frequently occurs due to problems with the balance (semicircular canals or vestibular) portion of the inner ear. Vestibular testing consists of a number of tests that help determine whether there is something wrong with the balance portion of the inner ear. These tests often help isolate dizziness symptoms to a specific cause that can then be treated.

Videonystagmography testing (VNG) is a non-invasive test used to identify pathology with respect to the vestibular system.

Dr. Zadeh is committed to providing the highest quality and most efficient care possible so that his patients achieve fast and effective treatment. Therefore, at his office, he has access to the most advanced audiologic and vestibular diagnostic technology available to expedite diagnosis. Dr. Zadeh’s expert audiologists perform Audiometry and Videonystagmography testing in the office, and the results are available immediately following the test.