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Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid Gland

The Thyroid Gland is a hormone producing butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck, just below the voice box. The Thyroid Gland, which is composed of a right lobe and a left lobe, produces and secretes thyroid hormones into the bloodstream.

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Thyroid Disorders

A Goiter is an enlarged Thyroid Gland, and usually causes no pain. As the gland enlarges, it may cause a visible growth under the skin in the neck, and may also result in a sensation of swelling in the neck.

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Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer develops when cells in the Thyroid Gland undergo genetic changes (mutations). The causes of such mutations are not clear. The mutation can cause the thyroid cells to grow and multiply at a rapid rate.

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Diagnostic Studies

A Thyroid Ultrasound is used to identify the presence, size, and location of growths within the Thyroid Gland. In addition, it allows for easy visualization of difficult to find growths within the gland, making it possible to access for a needle biopsy or to follow with serial monitoring.

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Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid Surgery is a common procedure used to treat various conditions of the Thyroid Gland. The surgery may entail removal of one side of the Thyroid Gland (hemi-thyroidectomy) or removal of the entire gland (total thyroidectomy).

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